Friday’s vibes turns into zombies weekend

It’s Friday that last day of the week one’s will be out having the time of their lives one’s will be cuddling so much pleasure to whom each person end’s their week by, so I have to think how bad my day it is at work, scrolling down the internet picking around for something interesting, but everyday feels like a Monday.

Can someone take me to Durban where life feels like it’s forever blossom, the roaming in the streets of Workshop the Auntie’s calling you around to do your hair “(sokwenza ngemali Encane)” or someone who wants to see you smile that’s life there.

Joys of renunciation

Days seems like months and years in time but nothing comes to what people go through to provide for their families, life as it is will never disappoint you but people it self show courage and determination.

It’s a Sunday and already my family is up around 6am to start the day at church than come back for lunch nothing but a lazy Sunday I have to just mop around and think about all the failures in life I have came across to be hard learning dreams to come true, some will agree with me life was never easy from the start but life teaches you to be strong and wait for what awaits your path.

“One day my elderly grandmother told me life never tells you whats going to come next but only you can make your way to the top never looking down on your down falls but take them as your surviving tools

You may think you failures are you worst nightmare, but until you come closer to you future you feel as if everything is falling into pieces nor moving forward but rather backwards but then that the best part, you as they say the most important motivator a person can share.

So remember that life will never show you glitters but your future will depend on your struggles you take on at the current time I am the struggle and the survivor of it all.

There is light through everything we do even it seem’s to small

Learning advise with clients

So today started as per normal working day, I work as administrator in assisting clients in the best possible way, but today showed me that the is more to life when you get to speak to influencial people.

So one of my clients I spoke to is freelancer who is in the PR industry, by the I am also completing my course in that particular one, so she spoke wisely to the fact she wasn’t aware of what her jobs really entitled to until she got more exposure to the job training and getting work and gain experience.

So the conversation came to part were by she told to persue my career in this path and make I enjoy it to the foolest, it is not everyday you get a client who tells you to never looked down on yourself but go strong even if still starting from the bottom.

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